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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Ireland 43 - England 13, Protesting Morons Nil

Fantastic to see men from all over the 32 counties taking on the English at the quintessentially English ball game and wiping the park with them.
And a wonderful park it is too, and the GAA should be rightly proud to have shown it off to such effect to the world.
The anthems issue, talked up to all sorts of heights by the media, was a non-event, and the real talking points all relate to the quality of the performance on the pitch.
A great day for Irish rugby, Irish sport in general, for the GAA, and indeed, given how the whole island united behind Irishmen of all hues in the home of Gaelic nationalist sport, it's a pretty good day for the Irish nation.
A pretty crappy day for the handful of numpties who saw fit to protest the appearance of England at Croke Park, though, as best evidenced by the idiot above, who seems oblivious to the fact that Glasgow Celtic are a British soccer club, and hence twice as 'foreign' as a 32 county Irish rugby team.


Dario Sanchez said...

Why is it that the people protesting against anything English are invariably supporters of Celtic FC?

Celtic would be a grand team to support if they could play behind closed doors, like those Italian teams. Impeccably behaved my arse.

(And yes, I know why the Italians are playing behind closed doors, but it doesn't seem to have done them that much harm on the pitch.)

JC Skinner said...

There are Celtic fans, and then there are twats who confuse their simplistic tribal identity and politics with wearing hoops shirts.
In defence of actual Celtic fans, it's important to highlight that the numpty in the picture is actually one of the latter, not the former.

Tracey said...

Surely Irish people only support Celtic out of a simplistic tribal identity.

Start supporting Rangers instead, confuse them.

JC Skinner said...

Actually, due to that other tribalistic association between the Loyalist community and Rangers, I make a point of supporting Heart of Midlothian in Scotland myself.

Dario Sanchez said...

NOt a bad idea, JC, but why not go one step further and ignore Scottish football altogether?

I lost all respect for it when Derry City - an eircom League team, for Christ's sake - whooped Gretna 5-1 that time in the UEFA Cup.

Since I support Shelbourne, though, maybe I shouldn't be talking about badly-run clubs and leagues.

JC Skinner said...

I'm just a sucker for the beautiful game, I guess. I'm a Pats fan in Dublin incidentally. But there's nary a league in Europe I don't take an interest in.
All sorts of teams from Cliftonville FC to CSKA Moskva have enjoyed the dubious pleasure of my support over the years.

Dario Sanchez said...

Strangely enough, I found myself cheering for CSKA too when they went on that UEFA Cup run the year they won it.

I think it's time I bought a Bohs scarf though, it looks as though the end is nigh for the Reds.

JC Skinner said...

No true Shels fan would ever do that! Support the gypsies? Never.

The Voice of Treason said...

I blogged about this myself JC.

Dario, I cannot understand the attraction of Celtic. The looks I get from supporters when I suggest, correctly, that they are a British football team. It's great fun for pissing them off.

Dario Sanchez said...

You'd be surprised.

Look at Owen Heary, the former captain, who has joined Bohemians!

If he can do it ... Yeah, screw it, you're right. I couldn't bring myself to support Bohs.