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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Vote early, vote often!

It seems that the popularity contest that is the Irish Blog Awards is now well and truly underway.

If this pans out like most Irish elections, we can expect plenty of back-stabbing and pavement-pounding between now and February 16th, not to mention large posters stapled to every tree and lamppost on the island, most of them probably of Kav or Dario.

Then, since this is an e-voting exercise, presumably there will be Nora Owen-esque tears from the losers and someone will abscond with €50 million of state funds.

But unlike most Irish elections, which are popularity contests between Tweedledum, Tweedledee and assorted mini-Tweedles, all of whom are the sort of power-crazed middle-aged men you'd flee from in the pub, the candidates for the Irish Blog Awards are really good, mostly.

The long list for each category is up here and a quick perusal of some of the categories reveals the very high standard of Irish blogging across the board.

Skinflicks has been nominated for best blog, best political blog, best news/current affairs blog and best newcomer. Please take the time out to vote for us in any or all of those categories. I'd offer bribes and threats to motivate you except Garda Special Branch have already warned me not to.

This now legendary guide to drinking has been nominated for best blog post overall, and this sad litany of how people name their kids after soft drinks and other horrors has been nominated for most humorous blog post.

Feel free to vote for either of those posts too. Again, sadly I can't give you a few bob for doing so, nor can I promise you that this blog will restore the health service, put more police on our streets, bolster foreign direct investment or put an end to child poverty if elected.

But don't let that stop you. As they say in Fermanagh and parts of Belfast, vote early and vote often!


Beccy said...

Thanks for raining on my parade and pointing out that really it's just a popularity contest!

I don't expect to get anywhere but it's nice to get a few votes!

Dario Sanchez said...

I've decided to do like all the elections in Africa and hire in a gang of 'enforcers'.

Have the dudes with AKs arrived at your door yet?

Karen said...

Wow loads of nominations there! Lucky bastard and I bet you didn't have to nominate yourself like I did!

Good luck, hope you make the shortlist!

JC Skinner said...

Beccy, it's like an Zimbabwean election. Everyone will vote, and Twenty Major will still end up with 97.4% of the vote.
Us poor plebs have had our day in the sun already, I fear.
Dario, the lads did indeed drop round. Great craic altogether. They've gone to the pub to watch the rugby. I'm minding the guns.
Kaz, I nominated myself as best newcomer. I think Missing Neighbour might have been responsible for some of the others, though.
That's what bribery with champers gets ya!

Beccy said...

Hey skinner can you believe I only discovered Twenty Majos last week! Anyway I got a thrill seeing my name there and I've discovered you so it must be worth it!

Question is, are you going to go on the night?

JC Skinner said...

Good question. I'd like to drop in, but like Voice of Treason, I'd get lynched if I outed myself as this blog's author.
If I can lay my hands on a suitable disguise, I hope to attend as Manuel Estimulo.

Dario Sanchez said...

Damn. Never trust them Algerians to get anything done. I should have got the boys Mugabe used in that election he got 99.99% of the vote in. Now that's efficiency.

You'd get lynched?? In the five months or so I've wrote this blog I've managed to insult 95% of the people at UCD, and that's a fair few people.

And also, well done on your nominations, like I said to Grandad, everyone else has manly numbers of nominations like three or four; I only have one. What brand of champagne did you use?

JC Skinner said...

Veuve Clicquot. Shoulda used whatever Kristal millesime Twenty Major was obviously dishing out and then I might even have been nominated for best use of the Irish language in a blog!
That's the difference between work and college, though. You can piss off people at college and they can't have you on the street in the morning!