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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Search Engine Optimisation

Since I started this blog, one thing has truly baffled me, which is the routes people take to get here. I don't mean physically - a quick look at the Clustermap to the right indicates that you all come from all over the place, from Hawaii to Reykjavik, from Tromso to Cape Town.

And you're all very welcome!

No, what I mean is the search engine terms people use that result in them finding this little blog about Ireland, politics and my anger issues.

Among the more - ahem - startling routes taken to Skinflicks has to be the lad (I suspect it's a lad) who daily searches Google for 'Posh Spice upskirt' and keeps ending up here. Now, I don't know about you, but I'll leave whatever's up Posh Spice's skirt to David Beckham, thank you very much.

The fella from Birmingham looking for 'Jade Goody big black cocks' this evening must have been a bit disappointed too. People, let me tell you now - I have the ability to see your IP addresses!

So clearly it's time to do a little search engine optimisation, or SEO as the nerds call it. (Don't they love their TLAs?)

Thankfully, the saintly Richard over at Red Cardinal has offered to assist ALL the nominees for the Irish Blog Awards with his expert help in doing the aforementioned SEO. What a legend!

He's asked me to put a little info here to assist him in optimising the search engine terminology so as to hopefully help the right people to find this blog and help the strange people who want to know too much about Jade Goody and Posh Spice to go elsewhere.

So that's what the stuff below is about. No need to comment. And don't forget, lash across to the Irish Blog Awards website and give us an oul vote before Friday, why doncha?

Skinflicks is nominated for best blog, best political blog, best news/current affairs blog, best newcomer, best blog post and most humorous blog post.
It's niche is current affairs and politics.
Target audience is the island of Ireland, politics buffs everywhere, and news junkies.
It's been in existence since October.
And so has the domain, which is a blogger sub-domain really.
Other similar blogs include El Blogador, Slugger O'Toole, Irish Election, Dossing Times and pretty much anything listed here.
We'd like to achieve world domination. Or failing that, at least let more of the Irish political class know we're out there watching their every move.


Flirty Something said...

Ok, I want SEO now, what do I have to do. My search words are things like "perm and set" and "chatting up women". You have much more interesting ones.

Cybez said...

I came here because I've no friends in the big bad blogosphere and I'm on the verge of ending it all because my 'bog' wasn't nominated.I mean my 'bog' is as 'shitty' as the rest of them and nobody nominated it :-(

Dario Sanchez said...

Of course I can't find the page that I wanted now that I need it, but I recall some of my search words being 'anger management classes', 'ucd is shit' - which was not my intention to make it look like that - and my personal favourite 'fuck off blogorrah'.

And Cybez, when did blogs turn into a patch of infertile wetlands?

JC Skinner said...

Flirty: Have a word with our Rich over at Red Cardinal. I'm hoping he can stem the tide of scary people. Freak for today was the dude looking for 'David Beckham scoring women's knickers'.
Cybez: Shoulda done what the rest of us did and nominate yourself then send a bottle of champers to a mate to get that all important second nomination.
Dario: Probably when we arrived!

Cybez said...

If neolithic axes can be discovered by drain diggers in a bog called Rotten Bottom.I'm sure comparing blogs to 'infertile wetlands' isn't that bad.
JC I keep thinking I'm praying when I post anything to you. Maybe if I don't use capital letters it'll be different. Anyway,I'm shocked that anyone would nominate themselves for the awards and then get someone else involved in the deception.If this happened to you, as you implied, and you won an award how would you feel when you give your acceptance speech? Would you be concerned that if you were discovered they'd take the award from you?

F'#K ;-) I'm starting to type a load of shite. I can't keep this up. I'd better go and vote soon :-)

Bock the Robber said...

Howya, JC. Well done on your nominations. I hope you win something. A kettle. Or a cuddly toy - anything would be good.

Personally, I'm hoping to win a bike but I'll probably end up with a John Delaney key-ring.

Poor old cybez. Everywhere you go, there he is, feeling sorry for himself. Do you think we could all get together and nominate him now, the poor little suffering creature?

JC Skinner said...

Cybez - I'm guessing most people nominated themselves to some degree. I nominated myself for best newcomer.
Bock, I'm expecting to take Dusty Bin home with me.

Flirty Something said...

I unfortunately didn't even know they existed until far too late to nominate myself - that's my official excuse ( as opposed to the not good enought one )

JC Skinner said...

You'd have been in with a shout, what with all that blogorrah fan club you have.
Reckon you're a shoe in for next year, Flirty!

Flirty Something said...

thanks JC, just saw this. BEST OF LUCK IN VOTES, although you don't need as as you are a shoe in! Not sure being called needy by blogorrah counts as a fan club :-)