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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Shock - no protests at transgender conference!

Please sit down. Make yourself comfortable, and take a deep breath. Ready? Okay. I'll break this one to you slowly. Try not to panic or hyperventilate, now.

Yesterday, a conference on transgender, transsexual and transvestite issues was held in Ireland, the first such conference ever held on the island.

You're still okay. Good. Now get this. It was held, not in Dublin or Galway, but in Belfast.

Right, I can see you're sweating a little, looking a bit pale. Okay, take another breath and have a sip of water. Better now? Great. Hold onto the chair. I don't want you falling off when I tell you the next bit.

There were no protests by howling lunatics waving placards with Bible slogans outside.

Oh dear. I'd better get the smelling salts. I knew this would happen.

I'll run through that again in case the first time it seemed too unbelievable.

Yesterday, the Belfast Butterfly Club hosted the Transgender Symmetry conference at the Ramada Hotel in Belfast, and transvestites, transgendered people and transsexuals gathered alongside local politicians, community leaders, health professionals and even the police to discuss gender transition issues.

Even good old Riff Raff, Richard O'Brien himself, was on hand to listen to people debate issues facing young transgendered people and transgendered people in the workplace.

And not one altar-licking nutter was present to damn them all to hell for their loathsome sinning in the eyes of the Lord.

Pinch me, I must be dreaming. Is Northern Ireland on the verge of becoming - gulp! - an open and accepting society?

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Cybez said...

I heard about that on the Steven Nolan show. He'd interviewed Richard OBrien who said the Ian Paisley was holding a conference in the same hotel at the same time. I wish I'd been there and been able to arrange a bit of a mix up in the rooms :-)

fatmammycat said...

Shocking, especially after recent reports. But a good sign none the less.

Bock the Robber said...

Well fuck me sideways!

The Hangar Queen said...

Fuck ME sideways!(A distinct possibilty) That's a fecking miracle.I won't be booking a flight home just yet but great news all the same.
Sound blog btw.

JC Skinner said...

Thanks, Devin. Best of luck to you in the blog awards, by the way, and if you ever do get a flight back, remember, Belfast is the home of transgender tolerance in Ireland, allegedly.

Cybez said...

hat Dr Paisley, after hearing about the tranny conf, had his conference moved to another hotel .

JC Skinner said...

It's an improvement on sticking around to protest, at least.
Can't imagine that the transgendered community would have welcomed hanging out with Big Ian in the lobby during coffee break anyhow.

Missing Neighbour said...

Big Ian is in deep shit. He has signed an agreement that goes even further than his often castigated 'Belfast agreement'. The one he has added his moniker to even goes as far as to allow his dreaded foes Sinn Fein a say on how the PSNI is run. This amongst many other things which I am too drunk at the moment to elaborate upon is probably the main reason why protesting about a gathering of people who are of confused gender is currently way down the list. Oh how times have changed.

Anonymous said...

i'm post op 8 years, i am a fully brain sexed (gendered) fubctional woman who has been through a very shitty mill here in this little "green" island and i mean green!!.
i knew who i was aged 11 in a firm way..it was all those outside MY body who were confused as how i should be treated addressed and diagnosed! not me! i know who i am ...who the fuck are all you! (metaphorically)..
I suffered very bad unwarranted domestic abuse and mental torture which of course led me to the lovley womens refuges where upon...(as i fully passed it was never known about physically) i do not disclose my ts dom to anyone.. as i dont have to..a stupid cunt (a lovely girl in the refuge) found a letter from a solicitor informing me of my lawful rights and my trans gender postiton...she found it in my house that i had given her the keys too to give her lots of very nice items to help her to move into her hovell as i was leaving to go live elsewhere...anyhow the bitch told all the girls in the refuge behind my back, i must admit they said nothing but one or two did things that totally added up..one of which was to try to get me beaten by two men and when it failed miserably (ie.because they liked my sexy vulgarity and funny humourous banter better than hers and the fact i am immensly more attractive physiacally and they accepted my woman hood) she told my very dangerous and abusive ex where i was and his family...nice girl who is going to get hers one dya its in the stars..her horoscope is lousy...Revenge is better than christmas and more colourful than a rainbow..!!
I was suppossed to be protected and ended up terribly violated by this...to put it this way we the trans community are on our way up!1 and we wont take the public shit!!push us too far and we shall i promise you grow fangs to BITE you with to protect ourselves...were a smart bunch..resourcful thus decorative and we know how to get things done!!..

i know that i cannot wait to get away from this dreadfu;l little island for ever i shall enjoy sweden immensly..i have DONE MY TIME ON THIS PENAL ISLAND.....
mr paisley actually means FUCK!! TO US!!! he aint on the big universal radar honey!! in the schene of this big universe of ours which fukin trans woman cares about a small fat unregarded politician with a gout problem! who probably gets it up his arse every weekend? i mean neil rolston fucked his son in the church on the ravenhill road lol..and now he spouts about hatin homesexuals? funny the fact he is a secret one...ooh dear the hatred of himself the self loathing of it all..
so mr niegbour your a dick and ineffectual in your stupid "condfused remark" your drunk! i am always sober!!!!....
good luck other ts and tv people and good on that conferance..

JC Skinner said...

Er, thanks for that post, Anon. I don't think Mr Neighbour was having a go, you know. I know for a fact that he has a good personal friend who is transgendered.
I appreciate that your situation and circumstances have caused you problems in your life, and that they may well have been exacerbated by some troglodytic attitudes in Ireland.
I wish you better luck with your new life in Sweden.