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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Drug Test the Dail

Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny wants to see random drug testing introduced into Irish schools. I would direct his attention towards Dail Eireann first.

On three separate occasions in the past two years, Irish newspapers have found evidence of cocaine usage in the Dail bar toilets.

First Ireland on Sunday discovered that cocaine had been used in the Dail toilets on Budget day. Then a year later, the Irish Daily Mirror repeated the experiment with the same results. Most recently, the Irish Star tried again, and discovered once again that cocaine had been used in Leinster House.

That's a 100% hit rate for a class A drug. Clearly evidence that if there is one location in Ireland outside of certain Dublin nightclubs that badly needs a randomised drug testing regime, it's Dail Eireann, not Irish secondary schools.

Simon of the Dossing Times has launched a petition calling for Irish politicians to be drug tested. I urge everyone to go and sign it now.

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Tim said...

Drug test in the Dail, and perhaps breathalyser also? The politicos should have the same rules imposed on them that they propose for the rest of us, and to show good faith should volunteer for drug tests to prove what fine upstanding citizens they are.

Anonymous said...

Could the Journo's have massaged the figures for the Drugs finds? Like drop a bit here & there....

JC Skinner said...

Only one way to check, isn't there? Randomised drug testing of all Leinster House workers.