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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

More airline industry scumbaggery

Following hard upon Ryanair's kind offer to bill its customers twice for flights they already had bought and paid for, now it looks like Aer Lingus are getting on on the act of treating their customers like cash cow cattle.

From tomorrow, they intend to charge customers 3 euro just to reserve their seat on flights to the UK and Europe.

Then in May, once the charges have been established, they intend to hike the costs to 10 euro for pre-booking in the first five rows and 15 euro for pre-booking exit row seats.

But the killer in relation to these new stealth taxes is why Aer Fungus are doing it. To extort their customers? Of course not. To maximise unearned profits? Absolutely not.

They are introducing these charges "in response to customer demand." Okay, hands up everyone. Who rang up Aer Lingus and said, "Wouldn't it be great if you charged me a completely unjustifiable fee to book my seat on the plane?"


Didn't think so. It's just your national airline behaving like grasping scumbags, not unlike their 'rivals' Ryanair. And then lying about it by telling us that somehow, we all asked to be charged more for this nonsense.

This is on top of them charging for baggage like Ryanair, and then hiking that charge within a mere two months by 25%.

The National Consumers Agency are bleating about this, of course. But what we really need is an airline regulator with teeth to tell these thieving, scumbag airlines where to shove their never-ending list of bullshit charges that inflate the advertised cost of an airline ticket from, in one instance I bought, 1 cent up to well in excess of 50 euro.

Still cheap at the price? Not when you consider the squalid conditions of checking in or landing at Dublin airport, not when you are continually disturbed throughout your flight with trolley dollies trying to sell you shit like scratchcards that no one wants, and not when the plane lands miles, often even a country away, from the advertised destination.


Unknown said...

Met some friends of mine for dinner on Sunday who had recently returned from Brazil. They spoke of the inland airline there in semi-mystical terms. Clean, efficient, extremely polite staff with complimentary toffees to help your ears adjust on take-off.

Obviously, a third world health service is not enough, we need a third world air transport system.

Let's take the next step.

JC Skinner said...

Too true. I've flown Swazi Air and they were magnificent. Internal flights in South East Asia with local low fare airlines were a dream too, in comparison with the squalid and extortionate conditions levied by Ryanscare and Aer Fungus.

Brian Damage said...

Ryanair are just useless bastards who do, as you say, treat their passengers as little more than cattle.

I have had the pleasure of flying Qatar Airways once and having experienced that, I can tell you that O'Leary should be shot for the crimes he has perpetrated against the airline industry.

Anonymous said...


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