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Saturday, August 09, 2008

New sponsor for Rangers

Apologies to genuine fans, but seriously, if you can't beat Lithuanians, you shouldn't be in the tournament.

Some people aren't taking the news too well, apparently:


Twenty Major said...

Seen this lad?


Missing Neighbour said...

That was some truly hilarious ranting on both vids. Well done. I do feel sorry for Walter Smith though. What a bunch of spineless wasters he has for a team. I would dock their wages form now until the end of the season and then refund them if they actually go on to win something.

Putes said...

That is actually quite scarey to think that when ur in such a job that there is crazy guys out there gunning for you! Does 2 things though, makes you wanna perform better as a manager, or go "See what you can do ya cunt!".

Putes said...

Rangers could loose some of the hangers on now, the scum that hide behind the team as fans, when they are just in it for the hate and bigotry that is associated with such a team. They may end up with good fans at the end of this, showing a positive side to the team.