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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pervert Central - South Belfast

South Belfast is pervert central.

Of the nearly 900 people on the Northern Ireland sexual offenders register (ie, child abusers, rapists and assorted other perverts) a terrifying 774 live in the community, free to strike again.

Unfortunately, you don't get to know if they're living in your neighbourhood or not. The Government and the police don't think you deserve to know if a paedophile lives at the end of your street, or next to your child's school.

But at least we have this breakdown.

It seems that the place to avoid if you want to live far away from nonces and pederasts is leafy South Belfast. There are 116 convicted sex offenders living freely and openly in South Belfast.

If the house prices weren't falling there already, they'll be tumbling now.

I'm just surprised that there weren't even more in West Belfast, given its long-standing reputation as an incest hotspot.


Missing Neighbour said...

I read this myself the other day. I would assume that these figures are skewed towards south Belfast because of its large transitory population, especially in and around the holy lands and lisburn road areas. These are areas that have a large proportion of rented accommodation and no one has really close ties to their neighbour, hence allowing the authorities to place random sex offenders without too much scrutiny. I think this is a job for a seasoned hack to get his or her teeth into (as well as a few knees, elbows, head butts and fists). Oh and maybe a pair of pliers a coat hanger and a blowtorch.

iced coffee said...

Grew up and still live in S Belfast.
Scary thought.
I wouldn't be surprised with some of the ppl I have seen around these parts though.

JC Skinner said...

Look out for Gary Glitter moving into Stranmillis shortly, guys!

Informer said...

Pretty surprised at this myself tbh, but they can be monitored there considering they like the authorities.
Is there a statistical breakdown of mental disabilities also? Where are they housed? I heard that North Belfast seems to be the holding pen for mental illness problems? Or maybe blacks and asians, is that not an illness, can we find out where they live...also Jews....its a slippery road to nowhere when you start putting signs up and telling the general public were these people live! But I rather live beside them, than a scumbag that works for the cops and sets up targets for murder, least these pedo monsters are kept on a lease, the others are set free to setup more targets?!

Rua said...

The reason the government doesn't publish their names and addresses is because they'll get lynched if they do. An angry mob with a check list of houses? That'd be new one even for Belfast

JC Skinner said...

I hate to contradict you, Rua, but an angry mob working from a checklist of addresses was probably invented in Belfast!