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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ireland is the most socially networked country on Earth

Social networking sites have been found to be national entities. And Ireland is the most socially networked country on the planet.

What do I mean? Sites like Bebo, Facebook and so on are in fact limited by national interests. Not one social networking site is genuinely global, with most limited from expanding into other countries by language barriers.

This study found that, inevitably, Ireland had the highest usage of social networking sites of any nation on Earth, as well as being Bebo's spiritual home.

But the study also reveals that social networking sites are becoming nationally limited in scope. Irish people use Bebo, Americans use MySpace (remember that?), Facebook is biggest in Turkey and Canada, Google's Orkut is big in Brazil, whereas India is the most LinkedIN.

What the study sadly doesn't reveal is why so many people still persist with such a moronic method of interacting. Maybe the Aliens will enlighten us when they start posting on Bebo.


ET said...

It unites the shite way of communicating across the vast distance of time and space when you have a stable connection and access. But it does provide the person with limited fields of view, only talking by textualising is not the best form of communication as people are well aware, as it leaves the other 70% of the art form behind the ether wall, but with the growing number of fastbands around the developing world like Ireland it does help when u have a Webcam to add the other percentage to the talks! My problem is though, that if a terrible world technological issue arises, I would lose out bigtime, as the web is my only eye to the world as I do not bother mingling with humans as they cause issues for me...also alot of disabled users use these medians and that would be a harder blow to them, least I have my voices to keep me company they have no one else! :)

Rua said...

First off, I have absolutely no idea what 'et' is talking about. Secondly, bebo is only as bad as the people who use it-I use it-its handy-who gives a fuck?

Its just another form of communication. The spoken word is equally susceptable to tripe and its served mankind just fine

Theres also the "Jesus granda, you just don't get it do ye?" argument

ET said...

But he would love Moss Code! All to their own me thinks