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Monday, December 06, 2010

Congrats! You now owe €170,000 each!

Thanks to the corruption of banksters and the craven treachery of the current government in the face of bullying gangsterism by the IMF and the EU, every man woman and child in Ireland now owes €170,000 of sovereign debt.

This cannot and will never be repaid in full. Default is inevitable. The longer we wait to default, the more the banksters get paid and the worse state this country will be in.

This came about because grasping banks and billionaires, named correctly as terrorists by the estimable Senator David Norris in the Seanad, lent money to AIB and Anglo Irish who then spunked it on property development loans which are now not being paid back.

In a fit of madness or corruption, the government decided secretly in September 2008 to guarantee those debts. According to cabinet member John Gormley, who revealed it on the Marion Finucane show, they decided this weeks before revealing it, and presented it as an overnight emergency fait-accompli.

That guarantee has since been enacted, and the billionaires want their money back from the Irish people. They have used the EU and the IMF as the guns pointed at our heads to achieve this by way of the infamous bailout.

The bailout works as follows - we, Ireland, borrow tens of billions and pay it back to the creditors of the Irish banks. The billionaires are now paid but we the Irish people now owe the money to the EU and the IMF. That money now totals €170,000 EACH. And it will rise at around 6% annually.

If you don't want to pay this money which you never borrowed, you have only three choices left:

1. Emigrate.
2. Go on the dole and refuse to pay taxes. This will cause you hardship, because that is going to be one of the first things cut to ribbons in tomorrow's banker bailout budget.
3. Protest, loud and long, outside the Dail tomorrow. Call your local government TD, be they Fianna Failure, Green or so-called Independent, and insist that they vote down this treasonous budget. Fight for your right not to be held accountable for the debts of others.

You can, as the saying goes, die on your feet or live on your knees. Your choice. You have less than a day to decide.


vamvax said...

Long but educative, 3.35' hour video "The money masters"

Anonymous said...

Very good post.