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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Heavy Metal War

No, AC/DC aren't fighting Metallica to the death, cool and all though that would be.

I'm talking about the real world war being conducted today. The war that actually matters to us in Ireland, as opposed to the US colonisations of Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Heavy Metal War isn't being fought with bullets. That's not how the big wars take place anymore. It's being fought on the financial markets, by bankers and speculators and governments.

China, as we all know, has America by the scrota due to its ongoing huge trade surplus and its massive stockpile of greenbacks. Realising that the US, from municipalities, through states all the way up to the Fed, is actually bust, China is now trying to get out of the dollar before America takes them down too.

So they've been buying up Africa, and Australian commodities. Then they decided to stop exporting rare earths. These are obscure elements that are used in modern technology, from laptops to mobile phones. We need them for our toys. China's stopped sending them to us.

But even though China is in one mother of a property bubble, they still have infrastructure to build. They need things like concrete and copper. Oddly enough, one US banker (JP Morgan Chase) just cornered the copper market the other day. They now own half of all the copper on Earth, or 80%+ of the copper traded on the London metals exchange.

So we have a metals war between the US and China, playing out via the markets with banksters as the frontline generals.

It's not the only metal war, though. As the US prints its way out of economic trouble, the logical thing would be for the dollar to collapse into inflation. But that's not entirely happening right now. Why? Because as well as hedging their currency globally (by virtue of its position as the de facto world currency), America has also seen fit to suppress the value of real money, gold and silver.

Keeping the price of gold and silver down effectively keeps the price of the dollar and Dow Jones up.

JP Morgan admitted they were 'shorting' this market recently, after an investigation by regulators. This is the second front of the metals war. JPM have been fighting the price of precious metals down to prop up the dollar at the Fed's request.

Problem is, every time they smack the metals down, buyers pop up in China and India and snaffle up the real money for a bargain. And round and round the liabilities keep going, until sooner or later a stress fracture appears that cannot be papered over by permaprinting greenbacks.

This shit is likely boring the hole off you, so I'll stop there. Let's take a breath. What the fuck has any of this crap got to do with Ireland, you may be asking, if you're still awake?

Well, this is how things get done today. No more marching into the trenches to decide global disputes. Instead, you employ weapons of economic mass destruction and occupy nations via the markets.

That's what has happened in Ireland. Our sovereignty is one of the first casualties in the current world war. Bankers have run up debts, transferred them to our state and then foreclosed on us. Now we are mortgaged to international bankers to the tune of €170,000 each that we never borrowed. That's the size of a house loan. Each. One for every man, woman and child living here.

We can't pay it back. The idea isn't that we pay it back. The idea is that we service the loan for generations, as Germany did with the Versailles payments for WW1, which were only finally paid off the other month.

And while we're paying, our economy remains theirs to do with as they wish. And we remain indebentured debt slaves of the international bankers.

That's why you should care about the Heavy Metals War. Ireland was just a skirmish, a fundraising episode for bankers on the way to taking on China. But China just might be too big a target for them to take down.

For us in Ireland, until we're Back in Black, Nothing Else Matters. (Sorry!) But we don't have to accept our servitude without protest. Iceland conducted an effective guerilla economic war against their banker occupiers and succeeded. We could too.

By reneging on the bank guarantee, we would free ourselves of a hundred billion worth of debts that aren't rightfully ours. However, our politicians do not have the back bone or the sense of responsibility to their citizens that the Icelandic ones do.

But sometimes even the individual citizen can take guerrilla tactics to an occupying power. And this is something you can do too, in this economic war.

JP Morgan Chase are very short on silver. This means they've bet the price will remain low (thereby keeping it low) in order to keep the dollar high. So what can you do? Buy silver.

When you buy silver, you exchange paper money for real money. You make it that little bit harder for the banksters to keep the price low and the dollar high. You bring the banksters who took Ireland out that little bit closer to the precipice themselves. And you do yourself a favour too, by storing your hard-earned labour in real value, real money.

Crash JP Morgan, Buy Silver and let's save Ireland from the banksters.

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