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Thursday, December 16, 2010

The traitors named

In future times, when your children ask you who it was who betrayed Ireland by bailing out billionaires at the cost of our own future income, you may find yourself blustering about banksters and the IMF, the EU and Brians Cowen and Lenihan.

Here is the short answer below. These are the people who, allegedly representing the people of Ireland, chose instead to sell them out. These are the people who voted the bailout for bank bondholder billionaires into Irish law.

May their names be recorded with ignominy. May the public wreak a savage vengeance on them all:

Ahern, Bertie. Information on Dermot Ahern Zoom on Dermot Ahern Ahern, Dermot.
Information on Michael Ahern Zoom on Michael Ahern Ahern, Michael. Information on Noel Ahern Zoom on Noel Ahern Ahern, Noel.
Information on Barry Andrews Zoom on Barry Andrews Andrews, Barry. Information on Chris Andrews Zoom on Chris Andrews Andrews, Chris.
Information on Seán Ardagh Zoom on Seán Ardagh Ardagh, Seán. Information on Bobby Aylward Zoom on Bobby Aylward Aylward, Bobby.
Information on Joe Behan Zoom on Joe Behan Behan, Joe. Information on Niall Blaney Zoom on Niall Blaney Blaney, Niall.
Information on Aine Brady Zoom on Aine Brady Brady, Áine. Information on Cyprian Brady Zoom on Cyprian Brady Brady, Cyprian.
Information on Johnny Brady Zoom on Johnny Brady Brady, Johnny. Information on John Browne Zoom on John Browne Browne, John.
Information on Thomas Byrne Zoom on Thomas Byrne Byrne, Thomas. Information on Dara Calleary Zoom on Dara Calleary Calleary, Dara.
Information on Pat Carey Zoom on Pat Carey Carey, Pat. Information on Niall Collins Zoom on Niall Collins Collins, Niall.
Information on Margaret Conlon Zoom on Margaret Conlon Conlon, Margaret. Information on Sean Connick Zoom on Sean Connick Connick, Seán.
Information on Mary Coughlan Zoom on Mary Coughlan Coughlan, Mary. Information on Brian Cowen Zoom on Brian Cowen Cowen, Brian.
Information on John Cregan Zoom on John Cregan Cregan, John. Information on Ciaran Cuffe Zoom on Ciaran Cuffe Cuffe, Ciarán.
Information on John Curran Zoom on John Curran Curran, John. Information on Noel Dempsey Zoom on Noel Dempsey Dempsey, Noel.
Information on Jimmy Devins Zoom on Jimmy Devins Devins, Jimmy. Information on Tim Dooley Zoom on Tim Dooley Dooley, Timmy.
Information on Frank Fahey Zoom on Frank Fahey Fahey, Frank. Information on Michael Finneran Zoom on Michael Finneran Finneran, Michael.
Information on Michael Fitzpatrick Zoom on Michael Fitzpatrick Fitzpatrick, Michael. Information on Seán Fleming Zoom on Seán Fleming Fleming, Seán.
Information on Beverley Cooper-Flynn Zoom on Beverley Cooper-Flynn Flynn, Beverley. Information on Paul Nicholas Gogarty Zoom on Paul Nicholas Gogarty Gogarty, Paul.
Information on John Gormley Zoom on John Gormley Gormley, John. Information on Mary Hanafin Zoom on Mary Hanafin Hanafin, Mary.
Information on Mary Harney Zoom on Mary Harney Harney, Mary. Information on Seán Haughey Zoom on Seán Haughey Haughey, Seán.
Information on Jackie Healy-Rae Zoom on Jackie Healy-Rae Healy-Rae, Jackie. Information on Máire Hoctor Zoom on Máire Hoctor Hoctor, Máire.
Information on Billy Kelleher Zoom on Billy Kelleher Kelleher, Billy. Information on Peter Kelly Zoom on Peter Kelly Kelly, Peter.
Information on Brendan Kenneally Zoom on Brendan Kenneally Kenneally, Brendan. Information on Michael Kennedy Zoom on Michael Kennedy Kennedy, Michael.
Information on Tony Killeen Zoom on Tony Killeen Killeen, Tony. Information on Michael Kitt Zoom on Michael Kitt Kitt, Michael P..
Information on Tom Kitt Zoom on Tom Kitt Kitt, Tom. Information on Brian Joseph Lenihan Zoom on Brian Joseph Lenihan Lenihan, Brian.
Information on Conor Lenihan Zoom on Conor Lenihan Lenihan, Conor. Information on Michael Lowry Zoom on Michael Lowry Lowry, Michael.
Information on Tom McEllistrim Zoom on Tom McEllistrim McEllistrim, Thomas. Information on Michael McGrath Zoom on Michael McGrath McGrath, Michael.
Information on John McGuinness Zoom on John McGuinness McGuinness, John. Information on Dr Martin Mansergh Zoom on Dr Martin Mansergh Mansergh, Martin.
Information on Micheál Martin Zoom on Micheál Martin Martin, Micheál. Information on John Moloney Zoom on John Moloney Moloney, John.
Information on Michael Moynihan Zoom on Michael Moynihan Moynihan, Michael. Information on Michael Mulcahy Zoom on Michael Mulcahy Mulcahy, Michael.
Information on M. J. Nolan Zoom on M. J. Nolan Nolan, M.J. Information on Éamon Ó Cuív Zoom on Éamon Ó Cuív Ó Cuív, Éamon.
Information on Seán Ó Fearghaíl Zoom on Seán Ó Fearghaíl Ó Fearghaíl, Seán. Information on Darragh O'Brien Zoom on Darragh O'Brien O’Brien, Darragh.
Information on Charlie O'Connor Zoom on Charlie O'Connor O’Connor, Charlie. Information on John O'Donoghue Zoom on John O'Donoghue O’Donoghue, John.
Information on Noel O'Flynn Zoom on Noel O'Flynn O’Flynn, Noel. Information on Rory O'Hanlon Zoom on Rory O'Hanlon O’Hanlon, Rory.
Information on Batt O'Keeffe Zoom on Batt O'Keeffe O’Keeffe, Batt. Information on Ned O'Keeffe Zoom on Ned O'Keeffe O’Keeffe, Edward.
Information on Mary O'Rourke Zoom on Mary O'Rourke O’Rourke, Mary. Information on Christy O'Sullivan Zoom on Christy O'Sullivan O’Sullivan, Christy.
Information on Peter Power Zoom on Peter Power Power, Peter. Information on Seán Power Zoom on Seán Power Power, Seán.
Information on Dick Roche Zoom on Dick Roche Roche, Dick. Information on Eamon Ryan Zoom on Eamon Ryan Ryan, Eamon.
Information on Trevor Sargent Zoom on Trevor Sargent Sargent, Trevor. Information on Eamon Scanlon Zoom on Eamon Scanlon Scanlon, Eamon.
Information on Brendan Smith Zoom on Brendan Smith Smith, Brendan. Information on Noel Treacy Zoom on Noel Treacy Treacy, Noel.
Information on Mary Wallace Zoom on Mary Wallace Wallace, Mary. Information on Mary Alexandra White Zoom on Mary Alexandra White White, Mary Alexandra.
Information on Michael J. Woods Zoom on Michael J. Woods Woods, Michael.

Taken from the Oireachtas voting record.

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