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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Chinese bad habits

The Chinese government are telling their people to quit their bad habits in advance of next year's Olympics in Beijing.

Reuters reports that citizens are being warned not to swear, spit or litter, and to learn how to queue in a line properly.

Such a terrible pity that it's not the other way round. I've little doubt that the Chinese people would only love to tell the Government to quit their bad habits, which are a lot more serious that clearing your throat in public or failing to line up neatly.

Invading sovereign nations like Tibet and subjugating them, for example. That's a very nasty habit of the Chinese Communist Party.

Or stifling all dissent by murdering or incarcerating anyone who dares protest against any aspect of the regime. That's a very nasty habit dating back to the time of that crazy old psychopath, Chairman Mao.

Starving the people in needless famines, that's probably the most nasty of the habits of the Chinese one-party government. They've done it repeatedly too, causing tens of millions of deaths.

And rewriting history to suit their own ends, so that everything they don't like, such as the KMT's leading role in defeating the Japanese during the war, or the Tiananmen Square democracy massacre of 1989, gets airbrushed out of their history. That's a tremendously nasty habit right there.

There are plenty of bad habits that ought to be corrected before China is permitted to hold a global event like the Olympics. But spitting and swearing are the least of them, I'd suggest.

Boycott the Beijing Olympics.


Medbh said...

How about the practice of selling the organs harvested from the people the Chinese government executes? I read about that not long ago. It brings them a small fortune. Horror show.

JC Skinner said...

Yup, that's a tremendously nasty habit of the Chinese authorities. Especially if the allegation that people were being executed to order because their tissue matched those of would-be organ purchasers is true.

Medbh said...

That's why I don't believe in the death penalty. If you give the State the power to execute its citizens they will eventually abuse such authority and endanger human rights. Look at how many people shrub put to death, for example. Life becomes cheap. First his executing the retarded and then he invades Iraq. But that's another topic.

Anonymous said...

Sort of reminds me of Famine in Ireland, and the old great empire! They are only doing what they were shown me thinks.

JC Skinner said...

Get over yourself, anon. Go read some history. If Mao learnt from anyone it was Stalin.
Not everything is about the world's officially self-certified Most Oppressed People Ever (the Irish).

Chinese Study Adviser said...

why do you use this photo to express 'Chinese bad habits'? :)
I think people of any countries that is developing very fast also are changing often.
Know more about Chinese culture and history by learn Chinese. Read some Chinese website, communicate with Chinese people in mandarin.

JC Skinner said...

Ni Hao, Study advisor. I'm so delighted to learn that my little blog has made it all the way to Beijing.
I used that photo because it also illustrated the original media article which prompted my post.
The Chinese authorities were holding a military meeting during which officials told those present that Chinese people must improve their bad habits before the Olympics.
So the picture in one sense illustrates the Chinese bad habit of using the army to implement public policy, or of using mass meetings to stifle debate.
On the other hand, it was not intended to represent Chinese bad habits at all, just the event which prompted my post.
I agree with you that the Chinese people are changing. Between my first visit and my most recent one, I've noticed the people becoming more open, less fearful. I think they know that there will never be another cultural revolution.
But what needs to change in China is not the people, who were always warm, ingenious, artistic, generous, imaginative people.
What needs to change in China is the oppressive one-party state government.
Your website is interesting and no doubt of much use to anyone interested in learning Mandarin.
Which is why I haven't deleted your post as spam! ;-)
But I also was hoping to engage with you in discussion about your country.
As an employee of a state agency, I understand you are probably not free to express your full feelings.
But I would be interested to hear your opinion of the Chinese government's bad habits, which I mentioned in my post.

JC Skinner said...

Due to spamming of this thread by propagandists for the murderous CCP regime, I must warn posters that I will delete posts which I believe breach the concept of freedom of speech, or which promote hatred, or which deny the right to freedom of the people of Tibet.
My site, my rules. You want to complain of censorship, go ask the CCP to lift the Great Chinese Firewall.
I'm not here to provide a platform for the CCP's apologists.

Anonymous said...

hahahha Jc Skinner stop being such a joke. Actually learn the background and the overall picture of things before you start talking like you know everything. This blog "Chinese bad habits" is quite silly actually, and you should start trying to be more credible.

Anonymous said...

So, jc skinner. You make a blog and only accept posts from people who support you...wow. Very good idea. "freedom of speech" does not imply having to support jc skinner. You jackass.

Anonymous said...

who do you think you are talking about various other races (Chinese, Irish) in your own blog? What kind of ignorant twat are you? Get a life and stop wasting time updating this silly blog.

JC Skinner said...

I'd like to welcome all the posters from the People's Republic of China who have no balls to post even under an assumed name.

Andy Lo Tern Chern said...
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