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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Rebranding the Orange Order

Just in time for the 12th of July, the Orange Order has undergone a rebranding.

Despite their Seventeenth Century tendencies, this does not refer to a literal branding of the members, fun though that might be.

Instead, in an attempt to convince the public that the Orange Order is a fresh, vibrant, fun religious group for the Twenty-first century, they've gone and made themselves a brand new logo.

Here it is:
Ah, isn't it lovely? It looks like something off a seeds catalogue or a tampons pack. All flowers and Times font and tradition. No mention of Catholic hating, civil disturbance, burning down neighbourhoods, intimidating the neighbours, or generally being antediluvian morons.

I prefer the logo offered by the truly splendid Uncyclopedia instead:

It might remind the worshipful glorious master sheepbotherers that the next time you get lost and find yourself marching through a neighbourhood you're not wanted in, all you have to do is just phone home!

Happy marching season, everybody!


Medbh said...

OMG! ET phone Ian!

RAGE said...

There coming your way too by the looks of things, with Mr willie Frazer in toe, or is it the other way round?

Niall said...

remainds me of the leeds united crest