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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Lady Rushdie

I try not to take any schadenfreude or pleasure out of other people's marital difficulties. It's just not dignified or pleasant to do so.

So I will restrict myself simply to noting the sad parting and imminent divorce of Sir Salman and Lady Rushdie.

And to myself, I will quietly ponder what it is about the ageing, balding, multi-millionaire novelist that Ms Lakshmi found so attractive in the first place.

And I will wonder why, now that she is no longer just some C-grade model but has become, thanks to her high profile marriage, a successful reality TV star in New York and published cookbook author herself, she has decided to end the relationship at this time, just after Salman got knighted.

UPDATE: According to the New York Post, Ms Lakshmi, who married Rushdie when she was 28 (past it for a C-division model) and he was 52 (simply past it), may be involved with an unnamed billionaire, which has led to this sad rending of the marital vows.


b3n said...

Deadly, do you think I might be in there?

Fatwah chance!

JC Skinner said...

Only if you became Lord Nipple, perhaps!

Niall said...

god she is so hot it hurtsh

fatmammycat said...

The timing of it does seem a little...well planned, does it not.