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Friday, July 04, 2008

Let them eat their Greens

Okay, so first the global warming advocates tell us we need to cut down fossil fuels because of carbon emissions.

Then Green politicians start demanding more biofuel use to replace the oil and petrol that's running out.

Then, because foodstuffs are being diverted to biofuel production, grain prices soar, other food prices follow, and 100 million people end up starving, according to a top secret World Bank report that got leaked to the Guardian newspaper.

I have a potential solution to the problem. Reverse the production of biofuels immediately. And in the interim, while the world's starving await the next harvest, let them eat their Greens.

When will these back-to-the-middle-ages, yoghurt-knitting hobbits stop concocting junk science to justify their Luddism?

And when will the rest of us stop listening to them? When one billion are starving due to greenwash? Two billion?


Twenty Major said...

It's all just a big fucking con, this Green stuff.

JC Skinner said...

It's an excuse to refuse the third world the right to develop, to starve the poor, and to tax the rest of us.

Pidge said...

Yes, that's it JC. You've stumbled upon the great secret. The Green movement is simply an excuse to keep the black man down. For years, we've been pretending to be progressive, but no, we're actually just racists who want to suppress the third world.

That aside, the kind of biofuel production which competes with food is precisely the kind not advocated by environmentalists.

JC Skinner said...

I don't think the Green movement themselves are consciously racist. I think, like Western feminism, they're predominantly a middle class movement in the affluent West which just don't think much about the effect of their policies on the developing world.
On the other hand, the rich (getting richer) are very keen indeed not to share the beneficence with the 9/10ths of the planet still living in squalor. And to that end, it suits them fine to keep the brown people down and preserve privilege.
But as we are well aware, that's not a very PC thing to do.
Much easier to wrap it up in some greenwash. That makes it easy for the general public to swallow.
And has the added benefit of permitting ever greater taxing of the common person.
To use a local analogy, it's a bit like how FF are using the Greens as a mudguard to justify the raising of taxes.

Missing Neighbour said...

There are so many things wrong with the green movement at the moment. The whole backing of a greener way of living by the western democracies is so disingenuous it beggars belief. The main issue is one of energy security. We are so reliant upon gas that is being pumped from the former soviet block that our governments are absolutely crapping themselves. Now rather than admit the truth about this issue they try and dress it up as 'We must all do our part'. It's just another case of the bottom and middle of society paying more and more to prop up the small percentage at the top. I don't see too many multi-millionaires who give a damn about saving energy when they are Traipsing around the med in their super yachts, flying around in their personal jets and powering their multiple 10,000 Sq/ft homes strung across the globe. When is the last time the majority of these crooks paid any amount of meaningful tax of any description?
The other glaring issue and huge hole in any environmental policy we care to formulate is the fact the India (Pop: 1,135,020,000) and China (Pop: 1,324,779,000) Are still growing at a tremendous rate and couldn't give a toss about living greener at the moment. Now when you have almost 40% of the world’s population pumping out huge amounts of carbon and other pollutants what do you think your measly recycling bin is doing about it? Wake up please. The game is over and as long as there is a buck to be turned the environment will always come a distant second.