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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Thanks for the Emo, Chum

A little light relief from the ongoing abortion compromise debate.

Fianna Fail's token West Brit Martin Mansergh issued a press release a few days ago on the death of some old lad who had once upon a time handed over his stately home to the Irish nation.

Fair play to him. It's the rare person would give their home to the state. You'd always be fearful that Bertie Ahern might set Celia up in it or Brian Cowen would move into it, or the Greens would turn it into affordable housing for asylum seekers or something..

I'm showing my immaturity here but I'm not the only one to find the concept of a gaff called Emo Court amusing, I reckon.

But the best bit is the name of the former owner. You couldn't make it up:
It is with deep regret that Dr Martin Mansergh, T.D. Minster of State at the Department of Finance with special responsibility for the Office of Public Works and the Arts, heard of the death of Mr Cholmeley* D. Cholmeley-Harrison of Emo Court, Emo, Co Laois. In an act of great generosity, he donated Emo Court and Park to the people of Ireland in 1994.
Imagine Mr Cholmeley meets Ms Harrison. They fall in love, and have a son together, born of their love.

"What shall we call our darling boy?" asks Mrs Cholmeley-Harrrison.

"Why, Cholmeley, of course!" replies Mr Cholmeley-Harrison.

Major Cholmeley Dering Cholmeley-Harrison.

Is there a crazier name in Ireland, I want to know? Of course, it's still nowhere near as mental as these loopers.

*Cholmeley is of course pronounced 'Chumly'.

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