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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Where the cuts should fall (and what we need to spend more on, even in a recession)

1997 - 7,000 Administrators employed in Irish health service across ten health boards.
2008 - 18,000 Administrators employed in the Irish health service across a single Health Service Executive.

Conclusion: Sack no less than 12,000 of those Administrators.

1980 - Number of acute hospital beds in Ireland for a population of 3 million - 18,000
2008 - Number of acute hospital beds in Ireland for a population of 4 million - 12,000

Conclusion: We need at least 3,000 more beds in our acute hospitals, no matter what state the economy is in.


Informer said...

Chief and indians come to mind! Here in the North the Mater Hospital just give the domestic staff a cheque for 29 pounds as back pay, they told the staff that you had agreed to 2.6& rise and the standard rise was well over 3% I believe, so in reality they got a pay deduction. To think that the people that clean the hospital get paid buttons and with the rise in diseases such as MRSA, you would think that the management would consider incentives to turn the tide on these diseases etc. Should we start considering Private Hospitals as the only option? Is the Governments North and south trying to turn people away?!

JC Skinner said...

Private hospitals aren't the answer. That's the primary and only idea of our health minister in the south and it frankly doesn't work.