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Monday, October 08, 2007

Eco-idiots, plane and simple

Eco-morons are currently preventing passengers at Manchester Airport domestic terminal from getting onto planes.

These delusional hobbits apparently believe that stopping people from going about their business (businesspeople being far and away the biggest travellers on domestic flights) is going to convert millions to their 'return to the Middle Ages' ethos.

Perhaps they should have turned their attention to the low-cost airlines that ply routes abroad instead, since that is where the bulk of so-called 'binge-flying' actually takes place.

But that would make sense, and these morons rarely make sense. As one astute London blogger has spotted, the last time these freaks held a protest, they protested in the wrong place.

Instead of targetting Easyjet, instead they targetted a completely different company. And now we see them, arm in arm in armtubes, blockading the wrong terminal at an airport.

The best thing about global warming is the prospect that these idiots will fry.


Courtney Hamilton said...

Thanks for the plug...

But what makes me really angry is that these miserable anti-flying eco-worriers have no alternative to flying whatsoever - and worse, they pride themselves on that fact.

They would prefer if we all walked to Dublin, Barcelona, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris...

Missing neighbour said...

I used to be a save the planet type of guy until the day my sage old father inlaw pointed out to me that it is all just a waste of time because no matter what we do in western europe and indeed the USA. The following countries:
China(Population 1,313,973,713 and counting) and India (Population 1,095,351,995 and counting)these are estimates from around mid 2006, are consuming resources at a far quicker rate than we can ever hope to make up for.
Hi advice to me (and I am para-phrasing here). Just do your best to make sure your generation don't fuck up Ireland and let the rest of the world worry about sorting itself out.
I like to look at my world through reality tinged glasses adn as long as there is a profit to be turned, things will never change. Enjoy the ozone layer while we still have one.

Twenty Major said...

There's a reason truncheons were invented and it was to batter people cunts that.

Anonymous said...

I can't help feel that the arguments you make against these anti-flight protesters are largely irrelevant.Who cares? The point is that unless you have to travel for work or emergencies, and that's at your discretion,you probably shouldn't. It is irresponsible and not a sustainable means to get around, and yes the alternatives are often more expensive and time-consuming, but what of it? Plan ahead, do your reserch before you go, take the time to actually journey there by road, rail, or boat. It's not always easy, but then making war in countries with oil reserves in order to get every last drop we can isn't easy if its your family that end up as cannon-fodder. I think it is a question of conscience for each of us, and I love flying, but I haven't done it for 5 years, and yes I miss it, but I also think that the facts are clear to us... what you do with that information is up to you.