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Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Palestine Ghetto Wall

Another eye-opening visual comparison from Fionn MacCool from Politics.ie. This one reveals the direct similarities between the Jewish ghetto in Nazi-occupied Warsaw in 1940 and the Israeli apartheid wall running through the West Bank today.


Anonymous said...

Why are you Irish retards so obsessed with the creatures of the middle east, is it because you can't blow up protestant children anymore?

JC Skinner said...

I'm leaving brave Anon's post up as an example of the closed minds and racist attitudes of the contemporary Zionist.

Missing Neighbour said...

The fact that the ballbag ( And I apologise to all ballbags for insulting them here.) used the word 'Creatures' when referring to people in the middle east and then referes to protestant 'Children' speaks volumes about 'Its' point of view., but 'It' is probably too dumb to realise that.

Missing Neighbour said...

Apologies for my earlier typo *Refers*

Patty M. Elt said...

hey just wanted to know ur thoughts on the middle east youth movement that is going on in Palestine with hip hop

JC Skinner said...

Well, obviously people are going to use any cultural expressions they find relevant to themselves.
Arabic rap and hip hop are not exactly new developments.