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Monday, October 08, 2007

Grass up this nonce

This piece of walking faeces has been raping young boys for years and posting the pictures for other perverts on the internet.

Interpol are very keen on finding him, so much so that for the first time ever they've publicised the pictures of him.

If you know this man, or know where he is, or can identify him in any way, please contact your local cops ASAP.

Or, if you prefer, simply torture the prick to death, since he clearly doesn't deserve to live. No jury on the planet would convict you for doing that.

1 comment:

JC Skinner said...

He's a Canadian called Christopher Paul Neill, and he was spotted legging it out of Thailand a few days ago. If he turns up anywhere near you, lock up the kids then beat this piece of filth to death with a mallet.