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Friday, October 05, 2007

When is torture not torture?

When it's conducted by the American government, of course!

If I kidnapped you and held you against your will, slapped you repeatedly about the head, held you in freezing conditions and plunged your head regularly under water threatening drowning, you wouldn't be best pleased.

In fact, you might well describe such behaviour as torture.

And it would be, as long as I'm not a member of American security forces. If I was, then I could slap you around the head all I want, deprive you of sleep, humiliate you, keep you in freezing cold conditions, and simulate drowning by holding you underwater as much as I liked.

And it would only be 'taking action to protect the American people from further attack.' And I would be a 'highly trained professional interrogator', not the medieval torturer you thought I was.

Glad to have cleared that up for you all.


Anonymous said...

So very true my brother. They can call it what they will, but it is simply torture. Mind games is also torture for the coward.

Missing Neighbour said...

The people who are tasked to do these things may benefit from reading this article:


Anonymous said...


JC Skinner said...

Thanks for that link, Missing Neighbour. It just goes to show that the old children's tale about how people are more inclined to open up in sunshine than showers remains the case.
Gitmo torturers take note.
Six years after 9.11 and after hundreds of people have been kidnapped and tortured in Gitmo, are they any closer to finding the al-qaeda leadership? Of course not.