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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Bye Bye, Stan

Steven Staunton (pictured right in his Aston Villa pomp) is going to be sacked as Ireland manager today for being rubbish! Hurrah!

However, apparently the FAI are skint and can't afford a decent manager, so they're going to give the job to David O'Leary instead. Boo!

Can't we just give Irish football to someone who could manage it properly, like the GAA or the nuns?

These bollixes just keep breaking my heart.

On a more positive note, if you google 'Steve Staunton', my now legendary post 'What is Steve Staunton?' is the second from top result after Stan's wiki page.

Please link now to 'What is Steve Staunton?' and let's make it number one!


fatmammycat said...

O'Leary? Oh now... years of 'well my boys were doing their best and they're only kids...'

JC Skinner said...

Could be worse. Oh wait, no it couldn't.
Why don't they hire Lawrie Sanchez and be done with it?
(Answer: because they don't WANT us to go to the World Cup again.)