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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Happy Unbirthday

My favourite bit of Alice in Wonderland was always the Mad Hatter's Tea Party, so reminiscent in its chaos and suppressed aggression of Skinner family dinners when I was a youth.

What people often forget is that the Hatter is celebrating his unbirthday, which he rightly points out is a much more sensible thing to do than to note the passing of another uneventful year since birth.

Today is indeed my unbirthday and I intend to celebrate it later.

However, it would be lax not to note that this little blog is a year old today. Yup, one year and 209 posts since we began, tens of thousands of readers, a couple of Irish blog award nominations, and a lot of ground covered already.

On the other hand, there remains an exponential growth in things to be angry about in today's Ireland, so I've no intention of stopping now.

But tomorrow is another day. Now is time to celebrate, and I want to mark the passing of my unbirthday by buying a car.

So, what should the Skinnermobile be? Any suggestions as to model and make? Four doors good, two doors bad? Gas guzzler or eco-freaky electric lawnmower?

Or should I just wait til next year for the new Delorean to come out?

What do you think?


Jones Alex said...

Get it up North, and insure for crossborder use. Get a small car, less tax, less fuel and less insurance. Group 3 is the lowest insurance: Polo, Uno, Fiesta or Renault 1L models. Join a day course in college and get 10% off quote, and say you park in a driveway or garage for another 5% off!

gimme a minute said...

I think you should get a new bike instead. Didn't see that coming, did you?

Happy unbirthday, fatso.

JC Skinner said...

Good tips there, Alex! It was indeed my intention to purchase in the North, and avoid the scandalous Southern prices.
Thanks for the info on insurance too. That's invaluable!
Minute: Believe it or not, but I can't ride a bicycle. Never could.

boro said...

happy unbirthday!

will sell you my fiesty fiesta - good price! :D

JC Skinner said...

Too late, boro! Already picked up a nice big saloon this morning!

Flirty Something said...

happy unbirthday, get a topless model and a very warm coat