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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Beards are cool

Apparently, beards are the new black. So cool are beards, that even GQ magazine editors have gone and joined the 40% of blokes who fail to shave.

Now, while the full Ronny Drew or Taliban look is not being recommended for men this winter, unless of course they've a regular slot playing in a seisiun in Galway or lead their own Islamic fundamentalist movement, nevertheless a spot of hair on the face is apparently the in thing, so the cool kids are all saying.

Even Daniel Craig (the heretic Bond, the anti-Bond, the blond Bond) has donned a bit of face fur for his forthcoming role in the movie of His Dark Materials.

So it must be true.

My concerns are two-fold. Firstly, how will I possibly cope with this sudden and unintended trendiness, and secondly, how will women emulate this latest fashion craze?


Jerry Cornelius said...

Damn it! Had to go and shave mine off! I hate it when I look like an editor of GQ.

JC Skinner said...

Good point. I'll get the shears out.

Anonymous said...

The lord haw haw of limerick !...
keep it up,,,Great stuff!


JC Skinner said...

The what,now? For one, I'm not in Limerick, and for two, Haw Haw had a tache not a beard.
It seems all the most moronic comments on this blog come from the same insomniac Mr Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

JCF says...EVERY man should grow a beard and NEVER trim the damn thing....beards ARE cool....BEARDS forever!!!!