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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Performance art kills me

If ever there was need of evidence that performance art is spurious and dangerous nonsense for the most part, we now have it.

Everyone's favourite mass-murdering Loyalist psychopath painter Michael Stone has offered a defence of 'performance art' for his recent incursion into Stormont, armed with a bomb and guns.

I'm worried this could catch on. Saddam's defence for the gassing of the Kurds? 'I was aiming for the Turner Prize, m'lud.' The Ipswich ripper? 'It's my latest one-man show, learned gentlemen.'

Perhaps Michael Stone might even proffer this defence for his murder of three mourners at a funeral in 1988.

Hopefully if Stormont ever gets properly up and running, they can quickly pass a law preventing the defence of 'performance art' in psychopathic murder attempts. Then the Assembly members could legitimately tell Stone, 'Quit the performance, Michael, you're killing us!"

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The Swearing Lady said...

So the guards manhandling him were simply helping him break a leg. I get it.

Anonymous said...

Never trust the Special Branch, they tortured him for years via their paramilitaries and then left him out to dry....typical secruraprats.

Bock the Robber said...

It's great, though. Isn't it? I always enjoyed that northern black humour. It's the one thing shared by the two sides of the community.

Performance art? Fucking great!