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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Leave them there to die next time

The Darwin Awards were invented to celebrate the deaths of people so stupid that their removal from the human gene pool is considered to be an improvement for humanity as a whole.

But sadly, in this day and age of affluence and emergency services, fewer and fewer of the morons who so deserve this award are able to attain it, due to being saved from their own idiocy at the last minute.

Chief among these are the unnamed 'extreme' surfers, who refused help from the coastguard last month when they ran into difficulties at sea off the Cliffs of Moher.

(Incidentally, when is the usage of the word 'extreme' to describe acts of fratboy stupidity going to run its course?)

These imbeciles were facing death as they jetskiied around the Atlantic in search of a 35 foot wave (apparently called Aileen) to kill them. Yet they refused help from the helicopter crew that came to assist, because the chopper crew refused to take their surfboards too!

Well, why not save the exchequer the cost of the rescue and the human gene pool while you're at it by simply leaving dickheads like these to die next time?

It really infuriates me when peabrains go sailing in force nine gales, or climb mountains in bikinis during December, then cost the State tens of thousands for their rescue. And this at a time when grannies still lie on trollies for days in hospital for lack of funds for beds.

If people want to get 'extreme' in their pastimes, they can do so safe in the knowledge of the safety net provided by emergency services and funded at great cost by you and me, the taxpayers.

So in future, I'd suggest that when total spanners get themselves into difficulty in the sea and up mountains where they'd no sensible reason for being, they should be forced to pay the total cost of their rescue themselves.

It'll save money, and cut down on the amount of incidents where well-meaning emergency crews end up risking their own lives for people who would otherwise undoubtely be Darwin Award recipients.

The first politician to call for dickheads to pay the cost of their own rescue gets my vote next time out.

Do it for granny on the trolly in the Mater. Do it for the future of the human gene pool, dammit.

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Bock the Robber said...

Damn right. Fucking numbskulls.

They should have been brought to the top of the Cliffs of Moher and thrown off again.

robjcoffey said...

This is typical rubbish spouted by those who would like us wrapped in a cotton wool nanny state.

These guys are pro surfers who were doing what they loved. The surfers on the water did not request a rescue. They got into trouble pushing the limits, as anyone who does any outdoor sports knows can happen. The last thing they need is internet warriors like you giving them hassle.

Rob Coffey

JC Skinner said...

Bollocks, Rob. Pro surfers, does that mean they do it for a living? If yes, then they're useless tossers. If not, then they're not pros.
If the cunts 'got into trouble' in the middle of the Atlantic, then they needed the fucking rescue. The question is whether they deserved one at the taxpayers' expense.
My feeling is, if they didn't want rescued, then they should have been left there to drown, the pointless fuckers.
If they want to 'push limits' in future, they should have insurance to underwrite the expense of saving them from their own stupidity.
I've no problem with morons going out to drown themselves in November whatsoever. I just object to saving them from themselves, Rob. So it's not a nanny state I'm proposing. What I want to see is tossers like your mates pay for the cost of their rescue next time.