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Monday, December 11, 2006

Best investment ever

Hope y'all got yer Georgie Best fivers. Because according to some evil shysters on Ebay, the value of Georgie Boy's stock has gone up many times over in a matter of only days.

One looper reckons that a single fiver is now worth eight times as much, plus post and packaging, of course.

But he's only pitching at the market rate, according to these memorabilia mongers, who are banging out the fivers at a mere £38, with post and packaging kindly thrown in.

Basically, according to my simple understanding of mathematics, that approximates to an increase of 700% or so in a mere fortnight. Which would make George Best's stock the fastest climber since a lovesick yeti chased Edmund Hilary up Everest.

Not bad for a lad whose wisdom on financial acumen was best summarised by his famous aphorism: "I spent a lot of my money on booze, birds and cars - the rest I squandered."

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CyberScribe said...

The morning they were being sold @ the banks, my Mrs was in a shop across the road from an Ulster Bank. A woman came in to the shop, who nobody in the shop knew, and asked would anyone come over to the bank and get 10 of the George Best £5 notes for her. Nobody responded, so she walked out and slammed the door.I wonder is the same woman trying to sell hers on E-Bay.