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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Fuck off, Santa, we own you!

Doesn't the crass commercialisation of Christmas just fill you with a warm feeling inside? One of disgust and nausea perhaps?

No? I congratulate you on your childlike insistence on the magic of this special time of year. Well done.

But just in case you were languishing under the delusion that peace and goodwill to all men was in fact a universal trait, let us pause to consider the wonderful world of Disney (TM).

There's no way to gild the lily here, so I'll just give it to you straight. Disney threatened to throw some poor old geezer with a white beard out of one of their crappy themeparks just because he looked like Santa Claus.

On what grounds did they do so? Because they consider Santa Claus to be "a Disney character."

I wonder what other European saints they also own. Was there a Vatican firesale we didn't hear about?

They 'own' Santa, threaten old men in their themeparks and treat their workers so badly that one threatened to throw himself off a rollercoaster recently. Something to think about before you buy a little one you love a Disney DVD this festive season, perhaps.

Disney - a magical kingdom of fascist scumbags who treat their workers and their customers like shit.

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1 comment:

Bock the Robber said...

Oh, they're a crowd of cunts.

Walt was the worst cunt of the whole lot, and it constantly amazes me that nobody cares.