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Friday, December 15, 2006

Half-crocked Bertie goes off half-cocked

The Taoiseach Bertie Ahern revealed today what we all already knew - he's half-crocked.

Discussing BUPA's pull-out from Ireland, he said: "I’m not acting tough at all, I’m just saying that somebody wants to come along and say great, sure, listen, if insurance is all about going out and getting 100 people who are likely to get sick for the next 10 years, and sure make greater profits, sure, that’s great, that’s marvellous. And I’m supposed to be impressed with that argument."

“Then you get 100 people who are like myself, are half crocked, and then we have to pay far more for it (insurance), and they say that’s fair. Market forces, competition ... who are they coddin’?”

Amidst the virtual incomprehensibility of that statement, clearly Ahern is unimpressed with BUPA's failure to take the profits they make in 137 other countries and plough it into the Irish health system in place of him doing so.

He also admits to being half crocked and pleads poverty. If the Taoiseach can't afford Irish health insurance, then what the hell was he and his cronies thinking when they forced the main competitor out of the market with their half-cocked scheme to get them to subsidise the VHI?

Here's another numpty we could do well without.

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